The partners Bahar Aydin and Selim Aydin established MilláSu in 2018.

The meaning of MilláSu is Defender and Water. Bahar has been a defender all her life. Sometimes she defended her family, sometimes people who were in problems. Always a warrior, she always needs to work hard to achieve something. The word Milla describes who Bahar is. During her life, she saw everything transparently and clearly in the midst of all her struggles and efforts. As clean as a water.

The creative forces behind MilláSu lets the law of attraction kick in to radiate your true self. The power of emotion and thought in MilláSu’s products puts you in the spotlight and lets you shine in your true self.

The unique artistic designs by Bahar Aydin encourages, independent and powerful yet at the same time bold and daring to reveal the deepest emotional desires. Complementing the designs with noble materials and the rigour of Italian craftsmanship result in durable products.

Millásu pays much attention to respecting people, animals and nature in its economic development. Millásu is looking for long-term and ambitious solutions to better protect the environment. We are a brand that takes a long term view of how a material was created to enter the market sustainably.