About the founders


Bahar Aydin was born on August 19, 1989 and is raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Bahar is a Dutch designer with Turkish roots . Growing up both Asian and Western, she has given her own twist in her life and wants to show this in Millásu.

Bahar express her strength through her talent. She is a go-getter and has never been a person who thinks small. If she has taken a step, she must reach the peak. “ When I have made my dream come true , I am not the person to tick that box and move on with her life. No, I am a person who is never satisfied and wants to achieve and expand more every time.”

With both her European and Asian background, she enters the market with Millásu to leave her mark and bring a new era in fashion.


Selim Aydin was born on November 8, 1990 and is raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Selim has Turkish roots. Growing up both Asian and Western, Selim has an entrepreneurial spirit from childhood that he has used in other ventures. Together with his partner Bahar, he founded Millásu to exercise his talent where it belongs.

As a entrepreneur, his goal is to ensure Millásu’s vision of becoming the world’s most recognized luxury brand. Through the experience Selim gained in his private life and his education, Selim know how to use the right strategies to achieve Millásu’s vision. “At Millásu I see the future and set my goals widely.